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Monday, April 30, 2012

Rajon Rondo plays for the Boston Celtics gets ejected in the playoffs game for bumping a referee Marc Davis at the Atlanta Hawks but they where trailding by 4 pionts in the last minutes now when you see the video the foul that was called on Brandon Bass that him and Josh Smith form the Atlanta Hawks they where wrestling for the ball but then they called the foul on Brandon Bass like I can understand of the call but what for Rondo like he was agree that it wasn't a good call but he went to far for what he did now the NBA rulebook says "Any player or coach guilty of intentional physical contact with an offical shall automatically be suspended without pay for one game. But like all the others calls that players agruing about a call they get T up but some of them go to far they coukld at least gave him a warning or let him sit out a quarter.Rajon Rondo Boston Celtics Basketball

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